From a Humble beginning to a know landmark !

With the boom of the real estate sector in North Bangalore, the need for a reliable construction and construction related companies were in high demand.

JN Enterprises was a creation out of this need, JN Enterprises is the Brain Child of MR P.C.Johny , who has almost 40 years of experiecne in Construction and Welding field. JN Enterprises has always been a relaiable name when it comes to delivery of high quality and Time bound project, in the past the company has been involved in construction of Comercial complex, Steel Bridges , multi story buildings , overpasses etc

JN Enterprises is also a well know name in Welding and Steel construction related work, following in MR P.C. Johny's footprint, his son JOVI as well, is in pursuit of quality and meeting the needs of the locality.

The Team






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